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Discover the hidden path to wealth in the Hair Loss Industry

With SMP mastery

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Voted Best Trainer Worldwide


High demand in a Growing Market

A market growing by 50% a year since 2019!


Low Barrier to Entry, High Return on Investment:

Each treatment can be priced at least at 2k per client


Empowering Others, Changing Lives

It's a transformative experience for clients.

Discover The Fastest Growing Permanent Hair Loss Solution.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in scalp micropigmentation, begin your journey with us at the International Hairlines Academy.

Our curriculum is designed to cater to all levels of experience, from novices to seasoned practitioners looking to refine their techniques. With our comprehensive training program, you’ll gain both the practical and theoretical knowledge necessary to excel in the field of scalp micropigmentation.

Join us to enhance your skills and advance your career as a skilled practitioner, all within our exceptional facilities and a supportive learning atmosphere.

Embrace the new era of freedom in 2024


Become the BOSS of YOURSELF: Embrace a Transformative Skill that Propels You into a Universe of Untapped Potential, Offering Boundless Career Prospects, Personal Growth Opportunities, and Unparalleled Flexibility of Time.

A new skill in your arsenal: Master the art of SMP and navigate your way to financial independence with a skill that’s in high demand.

Unlock Your Potential with MINIMAL INVESTEMENT: Explore a Pathway to Career Advancement and Personal Fulfillment by Mastering a Valuable Skill. This Journey Not Only Elevates Your Professional Life but Also Empowers You to Positively Impact Others’ Confidence and Self-Esteem, All Achieved with Remarkably Low Startup Costs.

• Return on your investment with only 2 clients

Master Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and unlock exclusive, value-packed materials to rapidly elevate your skills, knowledge, and income potential to $10,000 + per month, transforming your career with precision and artistry towards financial success and professional excellence.

What is SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is the fastest growing permanent hair loss solution. Get trained, certified and mentored and be on your way to making six figures and helping men and women regain their confidence! And, with the influx of poorly trained SMP technicians, there is a spike in SMP work that is botched and needs repair.

Learn the trade, hone your craft and start helping those who need it most!

International Hairlines Academy offers you fundamental and advanced training that will raise you above the crowd in the world of SMP artists.

What To Expect From Scalp Micropigmentation Training

  • 5-day online training prerequisite and 2-day practical hands-on classroom training with multiple live models with different hair loss cases.
  • Financing Available
  • Unique hybrid training model that combines online training and the most hands-on experience at in-person classes (typically 4 or 5 different live models).
  • Only the best tools and equipment are provided to students.
  • Lifetime support with free future advanced classes.
  • The only training Academy that allows past students free access to work on models and clients at our premises under Seif’s supervision.

What is the difference between SMP and an ordinary Hair Tattoo?

Though both involve placing ink beneath the skin, there is a world of difference between scalp micropigmentation and a tattoo.

For starters, they’re each applied differently. When you get a typical tattoo, the artist will use apply the ink more deeply beneath the skin than is needed for SMP. A tattoo also often requires shading, a technique which can be very uncomfortable and is not used anywhere in our industry.

Considering the sensitivity of the scalp, SMP is done more delicately than a typical tattoo. Each dot is carefully placed in a precise location and depth along the scalp in order to improve the appearance thickness and fullness of your head.

And last but not least, in order to do SMP YOU NEED A CERTIFICATION, you cannot do tattoo on the scalp without it!


Our training students


Our comprehensive program goes beyond the ordinary, offering participants an unparalleled learning experience that exceeds industry standards. With expert instruction, hands-on practice, and specialized resources, our training equips you with the skills and confidence needed to thrive in the dynamic field of scalp micropigmentation.


The global voice for the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry. A highly effective long-term cosmetic solution to hair loss and hair thinning.

Includes (Machine, Pigment, Needles etc)

We provide you with the identical SMP machine that we utilise, along with a carrying case and sufficient consumables to accommodate your first ten clients.

All welcome

Crafted with beginners in mind, this course is meticulously designed to equip them with comprehensive knowledge required for establishing their own thriving SMP Clinic.

For 1 month

Advertising is a universal necessity. It's the key to maintaining a consistent influx of clients on a monthly basis. Through our partnership with the our Marketing Agency, we've established a collaboration that results in approximately ten new clients being generated each month. To kickstart your journey, you'll receive a complimentary one-month trial with this Agency.

Lifetime support

Distinguishing ourselves from typical courses, we are committed to ensuring our students' success. We grant you entry to our lifetime membership portal, provide access to a comprehensive range of online training videos for learning new techniques, and offer expert guidance to navigate through all the challenges that may arise in your business journey.

Expert Support

We also offer an advanced course for already qualified SMP Practitioners who want to learn our SMP Technique. Our Au-Natural Technique, developed in-house, surpasses the dated methods currently being taught. Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof yourself with the most up-to-date, natural-looking SMP technique available.

About Seif Sidky, Owner & Trainer

The founder and owner of International Hairlines, Seif Sidky has quickly become one of the most recognized and well-respected international SMP artists and trainers.

A consummate perfectionist, his innate attention to detail, combined with his passion for helping people feel their best has helped him produce some outstanding scalp micropigmentation work on clients from all walks of life and of different backgrounds.

While with Scalp Aesthetics in past years as a beginner, Seif received awards for the artist who produces the “Best Natural Hairline” as well as the “Best Business” award, and in the process has become one of the busiest and most successful artists in the world.

He has since been awarded as “Best International Practitioner” at the Scalp Guru awards in 2018 and for “Excellence in Education” at the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in 2019.

Best SMP Artist North America” at MOTM Awards 2023.


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